Some comedy soundtracks for you to use

A collection of tracks with jazz, country or just plain silly feel that would fit to any comedy project (movie, cartoon, theater production, voice acting or radio show/ podcast background).

Music may be used under CC licensing terms.

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I know what you did last winter

sorohanro (Дружелюбная тентакля)
Восемь щупалец и я - замена целому оркестру!

автор и исполнитель музыкальных композиций в командных работах
Ксеновости видео
Концерт для мандибул и тентакля видео
Не теряй голову от любви видео
Ножи дарга видео


Hi there!
I'm here for the reason of Fandom Combat, I was forced by my wife into a life of music slavery for the glory of Xenophilia team.
I don't speak Russian, I make music (and wash dishes), so here, have some music (because dishes I can't share on internet).

Music may be used under CC licensing terms.

@музыка: dubstep

Music corner #2